I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since my last post. Crazy few weeks around here been busy getting pieces ready to put in the shop painting, shopping etc.  But what has been the busiest part of the last few weeks is preparing for birthdays….my boys birthdays.  Yes, two of them Isaac my oldest turned 19 and Benjamin my youngest turned 7…..the same day January 24th.      Yes I run on time DING! Throw in there my Grammie’s 77th on the 26th my namesake the original Genevieve 🙂 dinner at Flavor in Santa Rosa was good as always and many family members and friends to celebrate this month as well.

This is always a hard time for me such a milestone every single year.  I don’t always realize it right away in fact I never do.  But it’s really hard knowing my oldest is a year older as is my youngest.  This is hard for me because ever since I can remember all I wanted to be is a mom.  It was the ONLY thing I knew for sure.  Here I am now with a young man living on his own, working and going to college.  WOW that is so huge for me and my little guy isn’t so little anymore.  But all this is good because what I have learned from this time and time again is that I get to do what I want to do when I grow up.  That time is now and couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.  I am happy with who I am we all have our “stuff” but I like me.  So I am game for whatever God has in store.  I am proud of my kids and it’s the beginning of a new year!  That being said it’s crunch time you may not see a post for a few days.  I move into the shop February 1st and I can’t even describe to you how excited I am! I will be finishing up what I have been working on and can’t way to post some before and after photos. Although I need to get better about taking pictures it seems to always be an after thought all in good time.  Hopefully getting better about posting too lots to adjust to.  So thank you for the love and support & I am happy to hear any comments.