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My New Logo!

I am officially in business!!  This has been one of the longest weeks I have had in a long, long time but it was so worth it.  Who would have thought it could take so long to “fluff” our space.  Our’s meaning Emily and I she is French Toast Lifestyle and us together Gracefully French:)   It is so surreal to me to see MY stuff well soon to be yours….it’s all for sale come and see.  I am so happy to finally be doing what I LOVE and with the best friend a girl could ask for….aw shucks pal. OK I will not bore you with my sappy moment…but I will show you one of the pieces I am so very proud of.  And if you want to see the rest you’ve gotta check out our space!


I was so excited to see the transformation of this one… the best part.  I washed her up because she was in bad shape and “neezzcusting” and my little man used to say:)

I did put a coat of primer because well…. I just didn’t trust the whole no sand, no primer needed for the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  So I did just in case, then put two coats of Paris grey and sanded lightly in between with 220 grit.  Finally waxed with Annie Sloan clear and dark waxed here and there and she’s a beauty!

French Buffet


Okay so the camera is not my friend…yet and the curtains are funky not bunched enough and too long….but you get the idea.  Who ever takes her home can put whatever their heart desires!  FYI that long piece at the bottom is a drawer!  Didn’t know till we loaded it in the truck super cool piece.

BTW tomorrow at Summer Cottage Antiques Super Bowl Sunday were having a sale! Yes ladies you heard that right 20% off anything over $35 and not marked firm.  Come get some great deals and we’ll see all you “not so into the Super Bowl “gals!