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The last week has been a whirlwind….physically,mentally and emotionally.  I had no idea that I wouldn’t just fall right into place with all of it! HA!  Why is it always so surprising when what we thought something would be simple and it’s just not.  To explain my babble is that I have had to look at myself really look.  So what have I seen?  A girl who never really thought she’d be doing THIS!  I know right? it’s what I have been doing for a couple years now just for my home.  But this is different I have to put myself out there and say “hey check out what I did” and expect people to pay for it…that is so hard for me. Not to mention the time that goes into every little thing.  I’ve had to reckon with my perfectionist tendencies about certain things…don’t just drop in for a visit my house is far from perfect.  As Emily said to me today she was about to have a “friend-tervention”.  To force me to finish the first 3 pieces that I started with! I know that I have to just trust myself and the process.  What I do know is that I am finally doing something that makes me truly happy.  And once I get my self a little more organized and balance family and business a little better I will find my groove.  That being said I have made some funky pieces cool and possibly shabby chic:)  Today for instance I finished a lamp I redid and before I could take a picture it was sold!  I know you want to see it right?  I know I really wanted a picture too!  You just have to take my word for it and I promise to take more before and after pictures.  I will post a before of a piece that will be finished tomorrow.  I will post an after picture for you to see in the next couple days.

Custom Cabinet someone made I took the picture after I had taken the four doors off the top. That's what you see sitting on the drawer. Just wait till you see what I did with it:)