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Okay I promised that I’d post the cabinet once I had it done.  I really wanted to find the perfect basket or bin to go in the cubbies. But after my best effort and most would have given up after the second store I decided that I shouldn’t pick what should go in there.  I am leaving that up to the new owner of this piece. This one was the one I almost made my work bench but after staring at it for a week or so I realized it’s potential hopefully you will too!  But before I reveal it to you.  Just wanted to share that Emily and I are off to the gift show in San Francisco.  We went a few years ago and were completely overwhelmed there is so much to see it reminds me of Ikea:)  But this year we are going calmly with no expectation and will hopefully come away with some new ideas for the future.  With that been said I have to get up pretty early so I going to make it short and I will fill you in later.

To remind you of what it looked like before……


It was pretty dull and well ugly but there is life after ugly!

Oh the potential……office?….Media Cabinet?…..Dining room?


ImageI apologize for the poor picture I took it tonight with a flash in my garage terrible conditions for a good picture.  But here it is I am really happy with how it turned out.  I’d love to hear your feedback!

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend hopefully doing something fun:)