Ever feel like you just can’t win?  Well that’s exactly how I have felt lately.  It’s been just about a month since my last post.  Where did the time go?  You think writing a blog wouldn’t be that hard a post here and post there.  NOPE…..it’s just not that easy finding the time amidst all that Mom,wife, collective dealer,church,kid taxi etc. requires of me.  So here we are and I have to say I may not have realized but I needed the break….well from the things I could chose to not do…so I’m back and glad that I am.

But I have just been in a funk so to speak and it just keeps raining!…although we really need the rain.  The kids are good,husbands busy & things aren’t really terrible they have been worse. But I have just felt like no matter what I do it’s just not quite enough and I feel dissatisfied and very discontent.  Ever feel like that? All the while I keep doing…. shopping for the shop, painting furniture, running kids to where ever, dinner,slightly cleaning my house…being honest and fluffing my space at the shop.  So why the funk?  I definitely have “stuff” that it could be blamed on.  But really it was the pressure I was putting on myself to know exactly what I want out of the business.  Well what do you want you ask?  See that’s just it I am not really sure and it was driving me nuts literally! But I have come to my conclusion for now at least. I really enjoy the process of turning one man’s trash into another’s treasure.  You see I love finding a funky piece of furniture and seeing the beauty that it can be.  Or just taking something down right ugly and making it Rad! The transformation is so much fun.  I love being a part of the Summer Cottage Community.  Everyone has thier own sense of style and taste for their space and it’s interesting.  It’s great to have so many women and Steve to bounce ideas off of or discuss the market or new trends etc. many have been doing it a long time.  BTW Steve is our one ManDealer and he ROCKS!  If you are looking for unique one of a kind lighting he is your guy! Or just a one of kind anything!  Check out his space…..Ok Steve there’s your plug:)

I love being in a space that Em and I share.  Because we together just get each other and have similar taste and we bring a little of our own flair that makes the end result really pleasing. It’s just awesome to work with her.  I love seeing my logo on my items in the shop and feel that it really reflects me Gracefully Worn. A little more worn than graceful but hey it’s me.  So you see there is alot of great things that have come from starting my business.  So why all the pressure?  That’s just it…….STOP IT!  That is what I have been telling myself….with God whispering in my ear just so I don’t forget:)  Enjoy it now…. not when you become “whatever” my head keeps telling me I should be.  Enjoy it now… right now… because it’s good and fun and bringing me joy!  So amidst all the rain and my own little internal downpour I have found my sunshine! Ahhh better 🙂

If you haven’t heard the shop Summer Cottage Antiques is having it’s 11th Anniversary sale this weekend Saturday and Sunday 20% off everything!  With the exception of Annie Sloan paint and waxes…but everything else!  Come by and get some deals!