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I’ve been busy getting my house back to a place of “decent” and keeping up with the shop and putting new product in all the time.  I have sold a couple larger pieces in the last couple weeks which is good!  But it leaves me feeling like I need to produce more. Even though I can finally see my garage floor and not have to constantly rearrange just to work on something.  That has been so nice and easier to keep clean. I have worked at Summer Cottage quite a bit lately it just happened that way but it is feeling more and more comfortable.  I don’t feel so much like the newbie…even though I still am.  Everyone at the shop has their spin on the business and knowledge from being at it for so many years.  Its fun to listen to how things are now as opposed to the past etc, I am still so green and its interesting.

I have started getting my space ready for MMS paint line coming very soon!  I took this very cool wooden set of lockers that I had in my garage.  I originally got two of them so that I could store some of my “littles” in my garage and not have them get full of saw dust when I am working on a piece.  I acquired them from Craigslist yes….they were free!  I was so excited because they are way cool.  Immediately my bestie said “you could sell these!”  But I kinda get attached to things so for now one’s in my garage as storage and the cooler one is in the shop just waiting for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk paint!

This is the top of the cabinet I will post a full view picture soon.

Trust me it’s cool!

I also took down to the shop this little table in Tricycle Red from Miss Mustard Seed’s paint line. The wood was unfinished so it was pretty porous and didn’t do the chippy thing but it’s darling!

At least I think so:)

So fun to work with Color!

Looks super cute sitting on top of the Shutter Grey dresser.  I can’t wait to find more pieces to paint with milk paint.  I will be a painting fool once I get all the yummy colors!  But first I have to find some great pieces worthy of a new life….anyone have furniture in their garage they want rid of?? Let me know:)