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I decided this weekend I was going to make some jam.  Not that it was first on my list but the plums were not willing to last another day and strawberry season would be over soon. I am not especially good at making jam I really haven’t made it all that much, but something about it makes me feel like I am doing a good thing.  What do I mean?  Back in the day you had a garden and you canned veggies and made homemade jam because that’s just what you did. You made good of everything and stored up for winter months.  So to me it just feels good & I am one for tradition. Seems like more and more these days people are taking back the old traditions not just for tradition sake but with the economy struggle it’s what you have to do to get by.  But than theirs the eco-chic peeps that are doing it to be cool, but we should all be making good use of all we have. Including cooking up some applesauce from the apple tree that’s got more apples than anyone can eat or take some down to your local food bank…………either way it’s a good thing.

Anyway I ventured to make some plum hmmm…. wasn’t sure but ended up being sauce.  Jam really wasn’t going to happen. I was really just eyeballing the plums,sugar and pectin.  I wanted to have some plum sauce to marinade pork, pour over vanilla ice cream or add to an asian dish.  So that’s what I did and it’s great!  Then I did some strawberry jam which I am not sure what has happened the last two years but it’s just not turned out that great.  I even tried a new recipe from

The Ball Blue book

I got to this stage and realized it was not “jelling” literally

My mother in law has made jam forever and has always told me you can fix it.  So I looked in the back and found the “if your jam doesn’t set” in the FAQ’s.  And HOT DAMN! it worked!  I don’t know what we would have done with all those strawberries in syrup. But I am in still in search of a fail proof recipe that is not so sweet…if you’ve got one I’d love to try it!

The fruits of my labor 🙂