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As you may know I have been a dealer at Summer Cottage Antiques since February of this year with my partner/bestie Emily.  She has been at Summer Cottage roughly 6 or so years…she took some time away from the shop when she had a full-time job.  She has been such an instrumental part in my stepping out and becoming a dealer to begin with.  But shortly after we partnered together she was presented with an offer to big to refuse.  Since then she has grown and become more successful so with bittersweet goodbyes…she is leaving Summer Cottage.  I know that this is just a stepping stone for her and will continue to grow in her creativity and love for the biz.

So what does that mean for me?  Well I am so excited that I am on my own two feet and will continue to be in the space upstairs just me!  That’s a little scary it’s quite a big space but God is leading on this one and I have faith in Him!  I will have to work a little harder to keep it full and fluffed but that’s the fun!  Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint is soon to launch and I am so so anxious to get that up in my space.  I have some pre-orders already so that’s exciting.  I have to get myself more organized with paperwork etc I have a feeling MMS milk paint is going to be a business all on its own.  And I am still on the lookout for more pieces to paint..got any?  Anyway I need to get some house chores done and get ready for MMS paint line to launch….bookkepping which is not my strong suit but I’ve got help from one of the dealers at the shop I’m so grateful!  Oh yeah and school starts next week!  Gonna be a busy week I’m feeling hopefully get some last-minute swimming in with the kids.

 On that note have a great day!