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It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted back to school is always transition time to get our routines back to normal.  Figuring out everyone’s schedules, making dinner in a timely fashion….Uhhhh!  And regular bath & bedtimes is always hard the first couple of weeks but were getting there.   The shop has been busy and I’ve been taking merchandise in and have another load ready to go.  With the bigger space all to myself I am trying to make it a habit of at least once a week to bring in new merchandise and fluff.  But what has been mostly on my mind is Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint…..it’s coming! I’ve had a cabinet patiently waiting in my space to fill until the other day. I follow MMS’s blog daily and she posted a picture of her space at Lucketts and…

I realized my cabinet is not going to work:(

Here is Marian’s….

And here is mine….

Well first of all mine is just a small very funky but cool wooden looker cabinet.  This locker is fully homemade and has been repaired a time or ten!  Its appeal to me is all the chippy paint,different colored doors and it has the ability to be locked for back stock, it was free and I just love it!  But did not realize that the paint was coming in boxes.   I had envisioned bags and the paint is in a bag inside the box:)  Not that I think I need enough room for 12 or more of each color at least not yet…maybe someday soon!  Either way I want it to look nice and not feel crammed.  Not to worry I have some potentials in the works and I have a couple weeks before my paint get here.  I know everyone is anxious to get it and seeing other retailers already with their paint makes it hard BUT…this is launch of 80 retailers so again be patient.  Here’s what I am hoping to have….

Something like this….


or this……

This is what I hope for anyway what do you think?  Let me know if you have a really cool display idea for the paint I’d love to hear.