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I had been waiting to get my Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint the one color I wanted to try first was Luckett’s Green.  I was out last minute shopping for the fair and found a great empire style dresser.  It needed a little tlc to one of the drawers but it was solid and a great price.  So I quickly bought it, arranged for pick up and knew right away it would be my Lucketts Green dresser.  My sweet hubby picked it up the following day and I started working on it right away.  I sanded the top all the way down to re-stain it.  I restained it in red mahogany which was just enough dark and red mix to give it a richer color.  I received my MMS milk paint on friday morning and literally opened the box grabbed lucketts green and made my way to the garage.  I have to tell you I took Marian’s advice from her tutorial on mixing the paint “smooth”.  My only word of advice is not to overmix with the blender.  I thought I knew better it gets all foamy then you have to wait for the foam to settle and continue mixing with your brush as you paint…which you should do anyway:)  you can see her tutorial here

Painting with MMS milk paint is so nice it goes on so easy and dries super fast.  I have put two coats on all my pieces except for one that I should have added bonding to the first coat and didn’t….still learning.  Once dry if you see that your paint is bubbling or lifting at the surface this is when you’d take your putty knife and gently scrape away the paint to get the “chippy” effect.  This dresser did very little chipping so I lightly sanded which is so easy but wear your mask it’s dusty!  Apply your furniture wax and buff VOILA! 

Dresser before……

Lucketts Green isn’t she a beauty!

Now what to paint next and what color? My husband and I had a great weekend in Lake Tahoe but can’t wait to get back to painting!  I will keep posting more pictures on my blog Before & After page so keep checking back!