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How quickly one thing can throw everything out of balance. Why as women,moms,wives we seem to put ourselves last?   Makes me want to tie a string around my finger to remember that we are no good unless we take care of ourselves first! BTW…gotta love graphics fairy she always has just the right graphic for what I’m thinking or projecting! I have been working a lot lately which I have posted about and it caught up with me finally.  I was happily working in my garage after church on Sunday when a migraine set in that had been “lingering” for a few days.  I was out of commission in bed that was it my body said no more I’ve had it!  I have spent the last 5 five days nursing it and losing time with work,blogging,chores not to mention my family!  Funny how your body will just put you in your place:)  After some forced chill time I am happy to say feeling better and more aware that I need to slow down.  I have pieces that I have wanted to post about but haven’t gotten pictures taken of the finished piece so here is just a teaser of what’s coming:)


I picked this 1915 dresser up on craigslist a couple months ago waiting to get my MMS milk paint.  I absolutely love this dresser and the detail on the mirror and couldn’t wait to see what I could do to make it stand out:)



Pretty pretty can’t wait to show you the end result!