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I wanted to show one of the projects I did when I first used milk paint and share some tips I’ve learned along the way.  The first piece I painted was a dresser in shutter grey LOVED it!  You can see it here it really showed the dimension the paint can have and the butter smooth finish just yummy!  Well I had a beautiful little oval table and it was time to paint it.  This was the second piece using milk paint and remember reading a post from MMS and she talked about just eye balling her measurements and stirring in a cup.  Well it probably wasn’t so simply stated but that’s what I did eye balled it and mixed in some warm water and stirred.  It didn’t turn out so well paint was way too thin and just didn’t look right at all.  So I remixed another batch adding the bonding agent little better….kinda.  Here is a picture of this sweet table I bought 4 years ago!  With the intention that I’d paint it for my house…never happened.

It chipped and chipped and chipped ewww

First of all it was originally painted in an oil based paint in chocolate brown?  Who does that? It has all this great detail and you paint it brown uhhh killing me.  So now that I have used the paint a bit more and am falling in love with it.  My advice would be until you are really comfortable with the measurements given with your box of milk paint don’t waiver.  Also be sure to continue to stir every 5 or so minutes while painting.  The paint will settle at the bottom and your pigment may change.  Now how did I fix this chipping mess?  Here is one of the most exciting thing about milk paint mixing you own colors!  I wanted to play around a bit with the colors with this table so I took shutter gray,ironstone,french enamel,grainsack and typewriter and made this beautiful color!

I painted ironstone over the no name color I mixed and then used the antiquing wax to fill in all the pretty detail and a coat of furniture wax over the whole table voila!  Chipping mess to beautiful table with details properly accentuated.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and if it doesn’t turn out as planned start over it can be fixed!