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Yes, it’s really late as I write this I just got home from fluffing my space at the shop for black Friday shoppers.  I have been glittering ornaments for days and days so I had to get them on my tree at the shop and they look so pretty 🙂 I have been planning a great surprise for a few weeks and it’s finally set.  Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed is coming to California!!!  Really it’s true I have had to pinch myself many a time over the last two days…not to mention the spontaneous happy dance.  It’s kinda funny though I made the final plans with Marian Tuesday afternoon and yesterday I was literally down for the count.  I woke up not feeling so great well that turned into the full blown flu YUCK!  It was awful but it was a quick one but I did sleep a lot which is why I am up super late filling you all in after a late night fluff at the shop.  You can get all the details here it is going to be tons of fun I can hardly wait!  I know this is short and sweet but you all just wanted the information and not here me blab about my illness .  Email me with questions but check out the information page it’s all there.  I’m off to bed now..

Nite all,