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At least all around me just not in my house yet.  I have been busily and quite frankly a little frantic planning for Miss Mustard Seed/Marian Parsons visit to California in 8 days but who’s counting:)  It all is coming together just marking items off the list as quickly as possible.  In the midst Christmas has begun all around me and up until this evening I hadn’t pulled out a single thing…by this time every year the house is half done at least!  My husband so sweetly offered to go buy a tree after church yesterday.  If you knew the pact we made years ago about the “getting” of the tree you’d understand how incredibly sweet this is.  He was so sure he picked the best tree until we got it in the stand.  Poor guy also bought a bunch of garland for me,my bestie and the shop without complaint.  Unknowingly several of the branches broke and well it’s been a difficult decorating experience…his words not mine “that’s one ugly tree”.  Oh well it’s the “kid” tree and they don’t care as long as it sparkles and there’s present’s underneath come Christmas morn. My tree I will go get myself and not stress him about it.  He knows how much I have on my plate and has been so supportive….thank you Babe:)  The shop is looking great everyone has brought in all their Christmas goodies.  My plan is to decorate my house over the next few days.  Oh yeah did I mention I am also hosting my husband’s company Christmas party this Saturday. At least I was smart enough to kabash the idea that we’d somehow be able to take the kids to Disneyland before all the Christmas decorations came down.  I know straight up crazy talk we have never taken our kids and feel like I’m going to find a journal someday condemning us as the worst parents ever!  Maybe not…I’m sure there are some out there who lived through their childhoods without ever stepping foot in the happiest place on earth.  But I think I’d I only take their therapists word for it.  Off the soap box I am really thrilled about all that is happening right now.  The house will get decorated and we will get the kids to Disneyland someday.  I just don’t want to get so busy in the doing of all that is on my plate that I forget to enjoy the moments.  So here I give any and all of you full permission to hold me accountable.  I might need some friendly reminders that I am incredibly blessed,that God put me on this incredible journey,it’s Christmas and I have so much to be grateful for.  I haven’t painted much just finishing up pieces to fill my space for the Holiday Open House this weekend December 8th at Summer Cottage Antiques and downtown merchants of Petaluma.   We’ll have goodies to eat and plenty of Christmas treasures abound.  There is also horse and carriage rides,lighted boat parade, and Santa at the Lanmart building…so come down and enjoy this great town we live in.  Lastly, if you are still interested in taking a MMS workshop next Tuesday December 11th let me know asap!  Milk paint workshop almost full and plenty of room in the DIY workshop.  It’s been a very long day so off to bed for me:)

Nite all,