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This is going to be one big fat thank you post!  If that kind of thing bores you to death just scroll down and enter the give away:)  There are so many people to thank for helping me get everything all together for Marian’s visit last week.  If for some reason you are not mentioned and you should have been….know that I do thank you!! I just can’t possibly remember everyone so thank you!  First to my husband Jon who from moment one stepped up and took care of whatever had to be done over the last three weeks…I love you Babe.

 Emily well I could write a whole post about you and maybe I will one day…we have some stories to tell ha ha food for thought:)  Friend your just more than I deserve some days and more than I can handle others, but we are so good for each other and I wouldn’t want to go through this life with out you!
This is a long blast of all else who helped out, stepped up or participated.  New Life Christian Fellowship & Denise Rediker for letting me do what I do and praying for and supporting me all the way. Michelle McCauley and Summer Cottage Antiques for hosting the book signing and marketing and, and, and:)  Sid Bruhn for being the awesome guy you are….you can make anything!  Fran, Richard Denny, Marky and Toni for all your help with set up many hands make light work…thank you thank you! Michelle Arietta for letting me drive your Tahoe…ahhh those heated seats…Your awesome I love you!   Diane Buzzini for your advice you always have such great insight I am so grateful for you.  Jessica Tevis for coming early and staying late without question thank you so much!  Sheila thank you for coming and helping out at the shop.  Marlee for working the shop all day and the book signing you are pretty amazing….energizer bunny:)  Steve the mantiquer for showing up for support that meant a lot thank you.    To my kids who put up with me being completely consumed and forgive me and love me anyway… I love you kiddos. To Meg McConahey for putting our event in the Press Democrat last minute and attending the workshop!  To Linda at Meyer Imports for getting the glitter to me in time thank you. Jennylyn at Homestead House Paints for working with me on this and making sure we had all the paint we’d ever need. Rick at Thomas Nelson for being so gracious in working with all the retailers of Marian’s book.  And of course to Marian for coming out here and doing what you do and inspiring us all the way only you know how to.  Thank you everyone who came to the workshops and book signing it was so much fun and I’ll be doing more workshops starting in February!  And to my Lord and Savior you put me on this path and I am so grateful that you are leading me down a road that fills my soul and I am having a blast doing it!

So here is my way of saying thank you and for those who couldn’t make it for one reason or another I am giving away a signed copies of Marin’s Book Inspired You overthe next few weeks and some milk paint too!!

books_bwresizedThe give away is for one signed copy of Marian’s Book
(Only open to readers who live in the US or Canada and 18 years and older)
1. Entry one by leaving a comment below that you want to win!
2. Entry two go to FB and LIKE my page  leave a second comment saying you have. 
3. Entry three subscribe to follow my blog and leave a third comment saying you have. 
Good Luck!!
Give away will close Thursday December 20,2012 12:00 midnight PST
Today I am continuing on decorating my own house, cleaning, laundry and my hubby and I are going to go out Christmas shopping tonight for our four children we haven’t  bought a thing so wish us luck!