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photo (84)These last few days have been filled with shopping, cooking, baking and last minute run around. All for time that seems to pass so quickly at Christmas. Whether your sharing a meal or two with loved ones or unwrapping gifts that are hopefully enjoyed or remembering Christ the reason we celebrate in the first place it all passes by so fast.  But this year I really had a few eye openers.  I was so busy the first part of the month getting everything ready for Marian’s visit that it changed my whole shopping process.  Usually I am out many, many times making sure to research prices and make sure I get the most for the dollar.  I often buy and take back several things in the process because I found better or less expensive items…this year only one purchase ended that way.  But this year there was no time and my kids didn’t seem too concerned about what they got and the list’s were minimal simple enough right?  Well I learned a few things.  First when you don’t have time to spend stressing and obsessing you make quicker and I noticed wiser decisions based on the fact that you have very little time.  This was hard for me for about a second then when I quickly realized the kids didn’t care I DID! that made it was easy to let go.  Second I realized how much time I do spend stressing and obsessing!  Oh my what an eye opener…there were no tears, sulking faces or even disappointment on anyone’s face Christmas morning just smiles and grateful responses.  WOW!  What have I been doing all these years?  This was a great lesson for me and made me realize that even though I don’t consider myself a perfectionist…I AM!… with certain things and it robs me of the joy right in front of me.

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Marky with the thumbs up, Isaac my almost 20 year old and Julianna his girlfriend on Christmas Eve…Love these kids!  Sorry about the editing I’m not having great photo luck lately…another to do this coming year!

I can’t tell you how much it meant to get a text from my 18 year old son saying “Thank you Mom for everything! Merry Christmas”…Thanks Marky!    So darn it why don’t we just learn to live in the moment?  We’d be so much happier at least I would.  So truly I am so grateful for the lack of time I had to stress and shop and it was the biggest gift I’ve received in a long long time.  Hoping everyone had a gift that really made them smile or time with loved ones that was much needed.  I am not one for New Year’s resolutions but I will say that I will be more intentional to live in the moment and stop stressing and obsessing on the things that really don’t matter…at least I can try!  What’s your motto for 2013?  I’d love to know.

Also announcing the winner of Inspired You by Marian Parson’s….all four of you had great odds:)  But it goes to Kristina Congratulations!!