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As I sat here today trying to decide which task to claim for the day I became overwhelmed with all that I have to do.  This got me thinking how can I turn this around?  It’s pretty obvious I need to get organized.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t’ want to be I do…it’s just not a talent I naturally possess.  I know that I am definitely not alone on this one and if you’re a mom, and work forget it.  So what better time than now to implement some new ways to get organized and stay on track.  I have realized especially since I took on my business and trying to grow my blog I am going to have to be organized.  I have always had a hard time staying on top of things but now more than ever it’s a must.  The alternative we’ll never have a clean house or groceries and my husband and kids are not on board with that and I have lots I want to accomplish this year more on that another post.  I found a binder that I purchased a year ago in attempts to use for organization a year later I am determined to put it to good use.  I have been searching the internet for useful but cute printables because if it’s not pretty to look at chances are I won’t use it…call me strange but that’s just how I roll. There is so much out there all different styles and ways of using them but in searching Pinterest was the best for finding what I was looking for.  I will share with you what I have found disclaimer….I definitely don’t have the perfect formula.  I have tried ton’s of ways to get organized this is just what I think may work this time around.  But first what are my biggest problem areas? I have a lot:) but I am going to tackle two today and see where that goes.

#1 Making Dinner Why is this such a struggle for us?  For me I am sick of eating my own cooking.  Ok get over it you’re the one making dinner 90% of the time.  And I feel like no matter what I make someone isn’t happy.  Again get over it someone is always going to be unhappy with the meal but we all need to eat right? Not to mention I never have the right food in the house for what I want to make=another trip to the store=more time wasted!  I found this cute free printable that is my style from the project girl


Download this file (For Personal Use)

This one has all meals laid out but I am not about to tackle all three meals.  Dinners is a start and this is the one I will use:)mealplanner22

Download this file (For Personal Use)

I am going to print out the meal planner one for each week and have all my recipes in the same binder with protective page covers…I get messy in the kitchen.  I have so many recipes that I would like to try and as I said before I am sick of my cooking.  I think if I can put a fair amount in the binder and plan to make them, have a place to visually see the plan and find the recipes easily it just may work!

#2 Getting Organized with my Blog & Social Media  I have vowed to myself over and over,week after week that I will post more and take pictures and it just doesn’t happen.  So I am going to take a shot at this blog planner I found and it looks like it might really work!  Becky from Infarrently Creative has this great post for this blog planner.  I don’t think I will make it exactly like she did but I loved the idea!


She also has a little video that shows you how she planned out this design brilliant!

There you have my ideas for at least a couple of my problem areas of disorganization.  I plan to make them a part of my weekly planning in hopes to avoid the massive anxiety I have now of trying to figure out where to start.  For today I just need to start somewhere.  Do you have any really great ways of staying organized?  Feel free to share I’d love to see what works for you.

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