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As many of you know I had been in Hawaii since last Monday…..it’s been a much needed vacation. I honestly didn’t take any hardly any pictures.  This was my view most of the time:)  It was so nice to just be with my husband and relax.   It was a lot different than the last time I was in Hawaii it was “summer” when we were here the last time and much warmer. We also visited Maui and this time we were in Oahu in Waikiki Beach this is a much busier place and being that the Pro Bowl was yesterday there was tons of people.  It may be that way all the time just not my cup of tea.  I like to be in a much more relaxed environment.  It is still a wonderful place to be to relax and enjoy the sunshine. So for that I am grateful but I am so glad to be home with my kiddos.  I was so bummed that I haven’t had internet for about 2 weeks.  I had such a great response to my last two giveaways and was very excited about all the response and wanted to keep it going!  Oh well I am back now and that’s all that matters:)  So here’s the last giveaways winners……

Shirley at Grammy And Papi’s Attic is the winner of Marian’s book Inspired You
Shirley is from Indiana and she and her husband have their own business.  She also has a blog although hasn’t been blogging a whole lot due to illness but pay her a visit anyway:)  She said she will be posting more blogs soon!
InspiredyouBook_jpg.jpg (1)_resized
Congratulations Shirley!
Dara Barwick is the winner of the milk paint.  She is a consultant in Georgia if your looking for any kind of business planning,organization,branding she might be just who your looking for! I linked you to her blog pay her a visit. Honestly I wish we were closer I desperately need some organization!
Congratulations Dara!
Thank you again for all the new “likes” on my FB page and new followers.  It is so fun to be connected to all of you! I have some furniture to reveal in the
next post so stay tuned!