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Ok now I am going to tell you right up front this piece was kind of a nightmare…I know that sounds really bad.  Well being that I was really in the mood to paint because I hadn’t been in my garage with brush in hand for almost a month I was really excited.   I was ready to produce something great the kind you stand back and pat yourself on the back…ok maybe a bit much but it could happen. I had Marian’s Flow blue reveal piece in mind because of the detailing it was my inspiration for this dresser.   I especially loved the contrast with Flow Blue & Ironstone.

This is Marian’s Version….beautiful! MMSflowblue_reveal

 So why the nightmare? Well I know for some of you cold is not California cold:)  I get it you might live somewhere that it’s 9 degrees outside or -9…you’d never find me living there.  I freeze in California most would laugh at what I wore to fly to Hawaii a sundress…ok makes sense…and some leggings underneath,my woolly knee high socks(the kind you wear in the snow),my fakey Uggs and a sweatshirt. All I can say is I really wasn’t hot at all I was actually perfect!  I obviously run really cold but most thought I was crazy.  So back to the nightmare it has been really, really cold here and I keep a little heater in my garage just for this time of year.  Well apparently it’s not doing me any good it’s not warm enough. This is what happened with the dresser I stripped the veneer which I showed you in a recent post.  Next I painted the dresser with two coats of flow blue with bonding agent and then ironstone on all the details I wanted to highlight.  This color is really beautiful in person pictures just don’t do it justice.

dresser_flowblueThen I sanded the top all the way down and re-stained it.  I am going to post about how I stain a piece soon.   Next I gave the whole dresser a light sanding to get it ready for wax and it was all coming together nicely.  Until I had decided to air it out in the sun just kill any “funky” smell you know the routine.  I had planned to load it up and move it to the shop that afternoon.  I met my husband for lunch came home after an hour or so and it had chipped and peeled up everywhere….bad!  Ahhhh! What is happening?  I was so frustrated because I needed this piece done before I left for Hawaii.  I took a deep breath and grabbed a fine sanding block to see how bad it really was. I literally could have sanded the paint off completely.  For the exception of where I pulled up the veneer because that was nice raw wood.

FlowBdresser_chippedThis picture is in my garage it’s not a great pic but you can see there is no paint at all around the base of the dresser.

 What had happened?  Well all I could figure is it’s just way too cold outside in the garage even with the little heater running.  It had to get done plan b was to set up an area in my office since I had an open space from one of my Christmas trees and hadn’t put back the other furniture yet.  I went to work in my warm cozy house and it I am pretty sure that was the key factor.  My guess is the paint just didn’t cure all the way with the temperature so low in the garage.  A tip to add is when painting with the darker/brighter colors be careful when sanding.  Ironstone being basically “bright white”  I was also dealing with the dust of the Flow blue somewhat discoloring the Ironstone detail.  This was also frustrating so I went over it once with paint & kept a damp towel in hand when I did my final sanding to wipe away any sanding dust so it wouldn’t discolor any further.  But in the end I am very happy with this piece it is beautiful some may not like all the chippyness but I know someone will LOVE it!  

Here it is…..

In the end I do love it and I learned a lot!!  Anyone else have an experience with the milk paint to share?  I’d love to hear about it!


P.S. While in Hawaii I rolled my foot on the way back to the hotel room Friday night…not good:(  I go to the Dr. first thing today hoping I’m not coming home with a cast prayers welcomed:)