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Iphone6_12 047This was a cute chair that I found awhile back at the “recycle center” a.k.a the dump.    I think I paid $5 for this chair and I am a sucker for those curves that I know I can highlight with paint:)  I bought this with a cute desk that I also painted that it fit perfectly with but they sold separately.  But I thought I show you how easy it is to transform a chair with a few simple steps.

First I took the seat of the base of the chair.  Then you get to do the worst part of redoing a chair.  Painstakingly prying up all the staples that hold the fabric down.  I have gotten better at it but boy it’s a pain no matter what.  Have patience it is worth it.

Iphone6_12 079Next I painted the chair all in ASCP Old white for the exception of the detailing in the back of the chair in Pure White.  Next I recovered the seat with drop cloth I get mine at Harbor Frieght they are heavyweight,inexpensive and I like the color for most projects.  I sometimes do bleach them for a lighter color.  This one was left over from another project and it had been bleached.  Be sure if you bleach your drop cloth you neutralize it to stop the bleaching process from continuing to break down the fibers.  I use hydrogen peroxide to neutralize it’s readily available and I don’t bleach a ton of fabric so it works for me.  You can find out more about it here.  To cover the seat I always save the piece of fabric from the old seat cover.  And at least one of the chairs if you are doing multiples using it as a pattern for cutting the new piece of fabric.  Next I take a good hand staple gun you might have to shop for a new one.  The first one I had wouldn’t even penetrate the wood of the seat.  I start at the front of the seat working down one side of the chair holding the fabric tight and stapling as you go.  The first time I covered a seat it was terrible but you get better the more you do it:) Once the fabric is all securley stapled you can screw it back to the chair just be sure you haven’t bunched your fabric too much or it wont set right….I’ve done this a couple times.  Lastly I gave the chair a light sanding and applied Annie Sloan Clear Wax.  You do have to wait about 24 hours to buff with Annie Sloan waxes and that’s it!  This is just something I do when I have such a light fabric I always spray it down with scotchgard because even just moving it around at the shop the fabric can get marks…just a little tip:)

Here’s the finished product

Iphone6_12 250Pretty awesome what a little paint can do:)

I have been nursing my broken foot since last Friday and I will tell you it’s going to be a long 4-6 weeks!  I am really going to have to get creative about how I use my time because productive time is limited.  But I am so excited about the workshop I am teaching this month on February 23rd.  I will have another in March if you are local and have been wanting to try milk paint here is your opportunity!  You can find out all the details and register here.  I have a couple signed up but I’d love to have a full class:)  If you have any questions feel free to email me.