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It’s been interesting I have never broken a bone until my trip to Hawaii a couple weeks ago.  I have been in a cast less than a week and it has been challenging to say the least.  Quite frankly I am so tired of sitting or lying around to keep it elevated, but I hear after two weeks it gets better so I am hanging in there.  I don’t want to get too far behind with Spring around the corner…our busiest season.   I have to somehow do some painting this week with some exciting things in the works.   Funny how things come down the pike you don’t expect…but I like it 🙂   I hosted some workshops and a book signing in December with Marian Parsons a.k.a. Miss Mustard Seed it has brought some new opportunity and it’s exciting.  Marian has that way about her I’ve noticed:)  Here is her part 2 post from her trip here to Petaluma that she posted today.


This is one of the pictures Terry took at Summer Cottage at the book signing

 You can also read two beautiful posts from Vintage Bricoleur here part 1 and part 2.    I just came across these the other day! Terry and her husband were there and we definitely enjoyed having them she was so great to talk business with and took great pictures too!  She owns a shop in Loomis, Ca with her husband Danny just north from me.  I haven’t been but plan to visit in the near future.  I’m feeling a road trip coming on….it’s long overdue.  My daughter Marisa is waiting for me patiently, she is going to be my grocery shopping helper today.   I planned to go as soon as the Super Bowl started to avoid crowds with my broken foot:)  On that note enjoy the posts from Marian and Terry are both inspiring!  Who has inspired you most?…..topic of my next post I’d love to hear who is your inspiration?