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I will tell you up front this is a long post but it was very heartfelt and therapeutic for me. In my last post I asked “Who is your inspiration?” and I claimed it as my next post topic. No one answered and that’s ok because to tell you the truth I hadn’t even thought about it. Huh?..this one got me thinking. Who in my life inspires me? All sorts of answers swirled in my head. I can definitely think of people that inspire me. When finally I just said a simple prayer God led me to the answer. It was a surprising answer to me I’ll tell you why but it feels right. But first if you were to ask me who are the others? There are some I have to mention because I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am without them in my life. As a wife and mother there are women in my life that I wished I was more like & inspire me to be better Monica Hunt, Marci DeCarli and Lisa Pologeorgis.

Emily Feb_2012Emily my Bestie

Creatively bar none Emily Bruhn she surprises me, inspires me and is truly gifted with an eye I only dream to have:)


Me & Maryann

Spiritually Maryann Ehmann this woman showed me Christ in a way that I never knew exisited and for inspiring me to dream bigger and love myself when I didn’t even know what that meant.


Bly & My niece Mia

In community my baby sister Bly Morales has got it when it comes to inspiration. She heads the food drives and events for her local food bank feeding thousands of families every year. She is constantly giving of her time,talent and showing her kids what it means to give back that’s inspiring!

But when I thought of this business…my passion that I truly fought for a long time because I just didn’t believe I was creative enough. My inspiration is my Mom. Why is that surprising to me? Mom’s are great right? Yes, but my mom and I haven’t had the best of relationships. But that doesn’t change the fact that I watched her as a little girl being creative in so many ways. I remember just wanting to have a touch of that. My mom could sew anything and she did! From beautiful pillows she sold at an indoor mercantile,clothes for us as kids,baby blankets and so much more! She even upholstered cars with my dad! She painted every kitchen in every house as soon as we moved in most of them vintage pink…you know that color ๐Ÿ™‚ She was always “decorating” it droves us nuts as kids…there was always a project. She absolutely loves thrifting and as a kid this was a curse. I felt that way about it for years I just wanted something new! She’d come home with things that now I would die to have. But growing up I hated all the “old junk” she brought home and loved. Now I realize my love for this creative business all came from her. How as a little girl I just dreamed to be able to transform something with my hands into something beautiful just like she did. My mom always dreamed of having her own shop. I remember she even had business cards made the name was “Christmas Everyday” maybe someday mom I will have a shop and have treasures a plenty and all who shop there will feel as though it’s Christmas everyday…


Thank you for inspiring me in ways I never knew and being you……I love you Mom