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If you read my blog regularly you’d know that a few weeks ago I broke my foot on my trip in Hawaii.  This is the first time I’ve ever broke anything.  I have to say that as tiny as the little bone is that I broke.   I’d been in huge amount of pain especially the first two weeks.  This required pain medication regularly and a lot of elevating my foot aka bed/couch ridden.   It’s been hard to just be if your a mom you know exactly what I mean.  Surprisingly though once I got to the 2 week mark it took a turn for the better….needless to say my house hadn’t!  But the cast is coming off this week yay! As far as painting goes I’ve managed a little project the kind that required about 10 minutes at a time.  Otherwise I haven’t done much else but I thought I’d share how I made these easy and cute chalkboard shapes to make your own saying.  I found these chip board shapes on super clearance at Michael’s some were literally a penny each!  When I had my workshops with Miss Mustard Seed my bestie Emily made some of these for a welcome sign and at the table to pay for products.  I loved them!  So I thought I’ll make some to sell in the shop.

These are the chip board shapes they are in the those $1.50 bins

Next I bought some Rustoleom Chalk Paint in the quart sized can.  I find this works better than the spray can type as well as other brands…just my opinion


Since I wasn’t going to be walking back and for to the garage I set up in my office with a drop cloth on the floor.  I just used a small sized foam roller to eliminate any brush marks from a paint brush


And literally just rolled the paint on.  I did two coats each side hence the ten minutes at a time waiting game.

chalkpaint_blkflowersI haven’t put them in the shop yet but I put a little sign in my entry way.


And here’s the fuller view…nothing great but cute enough with the energy level I’ve had with a broken foot in tow 🙂

nest_blog_pic2And on a final note a BIG HAPPY WHOOO HOOOO is in order!  I celebrate today and actually it was last Saturday that it hit my sweet little blog finally hit 10,000 views.  Yes, there are blogs out there that hit this in a month, week or day.   But for me this was very cool.  This month is my one year anniversary February 2012 I started this adventure and it’s taken me places I never even dreamed of.  So to all of you who have followed from the very beginning and to all my new followers from the bottom of my heart thank you for supporting me and coming along for the ride 🙂

To many more!

Had my first workshop this weekend was so much fun!  I have one coming up in March on the 16th if you want more information visit: www.milkpaintworkshopmarch16.eventbrite.com