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What madness you ask?  Well other than my normal everyday madness…Antique Faire is a week away!  Hence my disappearance from all social media, blogging, emails and I’m sure there are voice mails I’ve missed too.

af2013 I have been trying to stay focused on being productive painting furniture and shopping for the faire to avoid “the madness”.  But I have to be totally honest despite my concerted efforts I have been foiled over and over again.  I bought a piece of furniture at the shop a couple weeks ago.  People come in all the time trying to sell stuff to the dealers in the store….”roll the dice” I’ll share that another post.  I was last to take a look and decided after much hemming and hawing that “monster” as I so lovingly named it was coming home for a makeover.  The fact that it took me a bit should have been a clue because it’s been challenge after challenge.  Also I have been working on a new milk paint display for the shop.  I really wanted to show off what milk paint is so great at….chipping!  Well that has been a challenge too….but I learned what NOT to do:)  When it’s all said and done it’ll be great just taking a lot more time than anticipated.  Emily and I will be sharing a space at the Antique Faire this year.  Between our larger combined space at Summer Cottage Antiques and the street faire  I’m still not sure we have enough to fill both spaces but the fat lady hasn’t sung yet!  So if you happen to be at the faire please come by and say hello look for Gracefully Worn & French Toast Lifestyle we love that kinda thing 🙂


And lastly, back in January I got a phone call literally laying on the beach in Hawaii to do a feature for a local home and garden publication.  Really me? I was scared to death but I did it and was anxiously waiting to see how it turned out.  I was still very much in pain with my broken foot and on pain medication which saved me from totally freaking out because I was loopy…funny how God works it out.  It finally came out Thursday it is so weird to see me in a “magazine”.   It’s a little local magazine not Romantic Homes or BHG I know:)   But still very surreal and exciting for this fly by the seat of your pants girl who has been in business literally a little over a year!  You can check it out here very cool to be able to show off MMS milk paint and our awesome shop Summer Cottage Antiques.  I’d love to hear what you think or if you still have questions about milk paint I’d be happy to answer them.


P.S.  I promise I will take many pictures of the Antique Faire, our space and anything else worthy…and if your local you don’t want to miss it!  Sunday April 28th 8am-4pm Kentucky St. Petaluma CA more information here