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It’s been a few weeks and boy let me tell you never a dull moment!  Antique faire was a great success for many…I had a hiccup a major one…. man down. My Husbands back has been out really and the Saturday before the fair was the worst of it…poor guy he felt so bad. He is on the mend and am I ever so grateful.  When husbands are sick or injured it’s the worst I’ll wipe up barf any day of the week over that!!  So needless to say my day wasn’t as expected but I did show up and glad that I did.  The shop did awesome and most of the dealers on the street did too!  So all in all it was a great show.  We’ve had lots of changes around the shop so there is a new air about it and if you haven’t been in for awhile you need to!  Just so you know I’m at Summer Cottage Antiques in Petaluma, CA 94952 come on by lots of new merchandise and even a couple new dealers!  This month is packed full with of end of the graduation for my daughter, there is always a million events at school for my kids too!  Not to mention the shop really picks up this time of year so it’s busy busy.  I am also doing more workshops in fact have one scheduled for next Saturday May 18th click here for all the details.  I just wanted to post quickly with all the happenings and post a few photos of our space.  I will have more to share when life gets…well less busy:)  Hopefully soon!  In the meantime I have to get ready for a show this weekend.  Last minute Emily and I are going to the Marin Outdoor French Market.  We’ve never been so it’ll be interesting and I do have lots to sell since Antique faire day didn’t pan out so I’m excited.  If your local and looking for a Mother’s Day getaway come check it out it’s free admission and there is a farmers market right across the street!  I’ll let you know how it goes and wish me luck.


How cute is this little farm style drop leaf table Emily did in Shutter Gray MMSMP

shop75-13Wouldn’t this be an adorable changing table in a little boy’s nursery?  I think so I love this piece it as the first thing I painted when I got my MMSMP I knew immediately it had to be Luckett’s Green!


Check out Emily’s gorgeous Drexel sideboard/dresser I can just see this in a dining room so pretty!

And there is so much more in our space so come by the shop were open 7 days a week M-Sat 10-5:30pm and Sunday 11-5:30pm

And most importantly….

Happy Mother’s Day to all who are blessed to be Mom’s!