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cleanhouse_brokencomputerNew products have been in and this post is quite late in coming. I have so many things past and future I want to post about but we will start here.  I placed my order for new colors and other products just in time for the Antique Faire.  Two days after I left for Disneyland which I will post about in the near future too Dland deserves a post. Soon after I returned my laptop crashed.  I have read other bloggers post about their beloved machines crashing but in all the years of using a computer it had never happened to me.  I now know the pain in the (you fill in the blank) it can be to not have your computer.  My iphone is great and convenient and my husband recently gave me an ipad….I love it btw.  But nothing is like a laptop/PC to post on my blog or anything other than social media and email response.  Even then I’d prefer my 17 inch screen so I can take it all in without squinting my eyes or scrolling.  Needless to say it’s back in full working order and my house was clean for a minute 🙂  Now back to the new products.

eulilies_artissimo_dlavender I got my order with the newest three colors Eulalies sky,Artissimo,Dried lavender,wax pucks and white wax.  I love the color Dried Lavender and ADORE the white wax…honestly all I’ve tried so far:)  Now why do I love the white wax you may ask?  It literally takes away a step if your looking for a white wash finish or to just tone down a color a notch or two.  Your adding the “white wash” affect and giving it the wax finish at the same time so awesome!  The dried lavender is such a sweet color.  I painted a little jewelry box that sold at the Antique faire and I also did some terracotta pots for an event that turned out great.  I honestly haven’t done a bit of painting since Antique Faire but I tell you now I will be the rest of the week.   We’ve had great sales in the shop and I have no choice!  So if your looking for the new colors or wax pucks I have them in stock at Summer Cottage Antiques.  White wax sold out the first week its on order though:)  I can’t believe I am writing this it’s already looking like Christmas at the shop so come on in and get your goodies early.  

LGdresser_WMafter_1Lastly, I finally sold my sweet empire style dresser that I painted as soon as I received my first order of Miss Mustard Seeds Milk paint.  I knew the moment I saw it that it would be Luckett’s Green.   Well it finally went home yesterday with a sweet young new mom-to-be.  It will be used for her new little girls changing table exactly what I envisioned for this piece.  Not sure why I am so sentimental over this piece guess I just really loved this one:)

 Stayed tuned I have a lot of catching up to do!