About Me

I am wife to my handsome husband and mother of four living in northern California.  Mostly I have been just that a wife and mom but realized I have a creative side of me that I need to nurture. I have always loved antiques and vintage decor. Now  I am a dealer at a local Antique shop Summer Cottage Antiques. I am loving reviving what was old to fabulous. I am excited to see where this all takes me and inspire others to find that creative side.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I just saw that you’er going to have Marian out for a book signing and work shop. I;m happy for you and hope you see big returns for it

  2. Linda McLaughlin said:

    I grew up in Petaluma and occasionally come back to visit old friends even though no family resides there any longer. So excited to run across you. I think Petaluma is the most unique and best physical place on earth!! God Bless your efforts with your blog and your shop…can’t wait to visit in person one day soon.

    • Thank you Linda for the kind words. I myself didn’t grow up here but is definitely home! We love the community,food,weather you name it! Please do come visit us @ Summer Cottage Antiques someday 🙂

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