Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint


 Color of the month:January Ironstone
Ask for Color of the month discount 10% off
Now fully stocked with all new colors and finishing productsapronstrings_trohphy
Gracefully Worn authorized Retailer at:
Summer Cottage Antiques
153 Kentucky St.
Petaluma Ca, 94952
Store Hours
M-Sat 10-5:00 (winter hours)
Sun 11-5:00 (winter hours)
Online Store Coming Soon!

1 thought on “Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint”

  1. I love your work! Very beautiful! I have just moved back to California after living the last 3 years in France. I sell French antiques and I am going to paint some furniture to display my antiques and sell the furniture as well. I am going to be purchasing some of your milk paint but I’m curious if you could give me any advice. What color do you think sells the best? Best, 2nd best, 3rd…? Thanks so much for your time and offering this great paint!
    Be well.

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