Miss Mustard Seed new line of Milk Paint!

I will be carrying the paint in my space at Summer Cottage Antiques and will eventually have an online store.  This is a big step for me but I knew from moment one that it is exactly what I should be doing….not that I haven’t had doubts.  Emily shared with me a year or so ago a blog that I should check out.  I have been hooked ever since!  Marian is so amazingly talented in so many ways I couldn’t do her justice you just have to check out her blog missmustardseed.com  Not only is she creative,a published author “Inspired You” to be released in November which I will carry as well.  She is a christian and that to me makes her that much more special at least to me:)

I will be taking pre-orders you can contact me gracefullyworn@gmail.com  If you’d like to see the colors and learn more about milk paint visit miss mustard seeds blog http://www.missmustardseed.com

This is the dresser I used as my first try of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint.

You’ll have to wait to see how it turned out!  I love it!!!