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 April is bringing some great new adventures…well kinda new.  Just about a year ago Emily and I shared my current space at Summer Cottage Antiques.  It was fun and exciting and all brand new.  Emily went on to another store in town did really well just the pace was too much with raising a family.  Came back to Summer Cottage right at the end of the year.  So what’s the new adventure?  Emily is taking a larger space right next to me!  This is so exciting because well I love her to death and we have so much fun working together staging and pulling ideas together.  It will be interesting to see how we have changed in a years time.

Here’s pictures from last year right about this time.

iphone 107 iphone 118

iphone 100I love the amateur iphone photography with the flash in the mirror and all 🙂

So we’ll have to see what we can come up with this time around.  Oh yeah and were also staging the window this month….and as the title reads  “it’s that time of year again” ANTIQUE FAIRE TIME! It’s going to be one crazy busy month!   We have our antique faire twice a year the last Sunday in April and September.  If you’ve never been it’s definitely worth coming to.  Needless to say I will be shopping, painting and pricing.  I have many projects dressers,tables,night stands,and much more to work on so I will definitely be posting pictures of before and afters and hopefully inspire you to get started on some of your own projects.  More to share next week can’t wait it’s great to have Em back!

BTW Happy Birthday Em you are more than my best friend…
like Ellie said were married…HA!
I love you to pieces!